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A European Union report states that the transport sector accounts for nearly 28% of total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The road transport sector accounts for more than 70% of total emissions from the transport sector (Sanguesa et al., 2021).

China is expanding the pilot zones for ecological progress, especially in public transport and logistics.  No less than 70% of new-energy passenger vehicles will be used by 2030.

In just a decade, China has become the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) market. Today, the country accounts for half the world’s electric cars and more than 90% of electric buses and trucks. China is a leader in incorporating logistics with greener solutions.

At REALM, we offer logistic solutions for NEV vehicles in different models and sizes.  Crafted local experiences focusing on the digital and cashless city supported by different means of transportation, including bikes and metros, are shortcuts to understanding this one of the fastest-growing countries of contrasts.